Jay Burdette is the 61 year old founder of LEGACY METAL TOYS. He is married to Maryanne, father to Jen, Kim, and Rob, and grandfather to 7 grandkids.

LEGACY METAL TOYS was started on November 1. 2014 when Maryanne gave me the assignment to buy a large metal dump truck, just like Mighty Tonkas we had as kids,  for our grandson JoJo.   I found out that no company in the world was making large scale, all metal toy trucks anymore!

That is when I had my epiphany, my “AHA” moment.  I needed to create a toy company that made a modern version of my favorite toy trucks.  Mostly metal with rubber tires and built to last!  No batteries needed for LEGACY METAL TOYS.

Everyone who knows me would expect my toy company to produce products that were FUN, CREATIVE, UNIQUE, AND DURABLE.  Exceptional quality is expected.  Give the customers what they want.

Every week, more and more people encourage me to complete this company mission because they have kids or grandkids that would LOVE one or more of these toys.  From the unique idea of having a PERSONALIZED LICENSE PLATE, to being able to buy TOYS SAFELY MADE IN THIS COUNTRY, along with the DURABILITY THEY SO DESIRE.

The Lord has blessed me with so many creative ideas for this company.  With the input of our customers, we expect to make UNIQUE trucks for boys and girls.  I cannot wait to start production!!!

If you would like more information about my startup company, contact me, Jay Burdette, at 704-999-3504 or toymogul@legacymetaltoys.com